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At Minnesota Cannabis Clones, we take pride in providing growers with a reliable source of top-quality cannabis clones. Our approach ensures that you not only save time and money but also meet all the guidelines set by the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management.





The Benefits of Choosing Minnesota Cannabis Clones:

Time Savings: By opting for our premium clones, you can harvest your plants faster and start profiting from your cannabis sooner. With a head start on growth, you'll be one step ahead in your cultivation journey.
Low Cost and Convenience: We offer a convenient source of cannabis clones, featuring recognizable strains that guarantee consistency and quality. Our competitive pricing ensures you get the best value for your investment.
Bulk Order Discounts: For licensed wholesale customers, we provide price breaks on bulk orders, making it even more cost-effective to choose Minnesota Cannabis Clones for your cannabis cultivation needs.
Eliminate the Need for a Propagation Room:With our rooted cannabis clones, you can bypass the time-consuming propagation stage, saving valuable space and resources in your growing operation.
Minimize or Skip the Early Vegetative Stage:Our clones are ready to grow, significantly reducing vegetative time. As a result, your plants require fewer growth nutrients, leading to substantial cost savings.
Productivity with Recognizable Strains: Most commercially available cannabis is grown from clones rather than seeds. With Minnesota Cannabis Clones, you'll have access to the cornerstone of a productive crop - rooted cannabis clones with known genetics.
Reduced Unpredictability: Growing from clones eliminates the risk of unpredictability that comes with using seeds. This predictability is crucial for growers who rely on efficient and resourceful cultivation practices.
Gain a Competitive Edge: Commercial cannabis producers who utilize clones enjoy a four to five-week advantage over those propagating their own cuttings. Stay ahead of the competition with Minnesota Cannabis Clones' premium offerings.


Choose Minnesota Cannabis Clones for a seamless and rewarding cannabis cultivation experience. Our commitment to consistent, low-cost, and compliant solutions empowers growers like you to flourish in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry.
Discover the benefits of cloning and unlock your cultivation potential with Minnesota Cannabis Clones.
Grow with confidence. Grow with Minnesota Cannabis Clones.